1859 Cider

Continuing the legacy of 1859 Cider Company and their rich history of being downtown Salem's first alcohol producer since 1953, Divine Distillers inked a deal with 1859 Cider Company, becoming the new owners.

What’s On Tap

Single Varietal Winesap Cider (IN STOCK)

Slightly sweet, subtle and tasty leaving hints of tropical fruits like papaya and the aroma of vanilla with a delightful tingle from the bubbles.

Single Varietal Pinata Cider (IN STOCK)

More dry than sweet with hints of spice, cinnamon, vanilla, and the crisp, clean aroma of the Pinata apples this cider was made from.

South Coast Cranberry Cider (IN STOCK)

An explosion of flavors in a bright red, tart, and full-bodied drink. A subtle hint of salt blends perfectly with the acidic cranberries and the Green Dragon apples which show up as the cranberry flavor leaves your palate.

Order ahead for your next event or supply your own kegerator by contacting info@divinedistillers.com

Keg price:

⅙ Barrel $90 (approximately 55 12 oz servings)

½ Barrel $180 (approximately 165 12 oz servings)

Tasting Room Fills

Growler fills $15 (bring your own)

12 oz cans to go $8

Order online at info@divinedistillers.com or visit our tasting room Fridays and Saturdays 4-8pm